Sunday, November 04, 2012

Eastern Screech Owl

I had a nice opportunity to photograph an Eastern Screech Owl at our banding site. Full disclosure: This is a bird we actually caught in our mist nets at Lake Lotus. After I banded it I found a stump nearby and gently placed the owl on it and figured it would fly off right away. Nope. It decided to sit for a while. Where's my camera?

Eastern Screech Owl

The photo above utilized the flash but I am almost preferring the shot below without it in the natural morning light.

Eastern Screech Owl

The owl sat for about 15 minutes. I kept an eye and ear out for any smaller birds spotting it and harassing it but it was nice and quiet. I walked over after those 15 minutes and said, "You know you can go, right?" and she took off into the pine trees.

Bird whisperer...

If you would like to see a photo of the bird in hand right after I banded it, and many other birds that we captured that morning, check out our banding blog which is updated weekly.

This is only the second Screech Owl we have captured at the banding site and it is always a thrill.

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