Thursday, March 13, 2008

Swans are Back

Took the circular route home to see if the Ring-necked Ducks were still around (they are, in smaller numbers) and noticed the unmistakable white blobs of swan shapes on a far shore. I swung by to see if I could get some shots.

Two of the many local swans had returned and were looking for a handout but all I had was goodwill and my camera. So they fed off of the bottom of the lake and preened.

Mute Swan

I just love watching them dip and rise and trying to get some shots of water dripping off of their bills.

Mute Swan

The day was closing fast but the light was nice. The shutter kept clicking away for a few more minutes. The swans just fed and posed.

Mute Swan

Just as I was heading back to the car another white shape swooped in and landed nearby. It was a Great Egret with something for dinner. Couldn't tell from where I was so I slowly approached the bird to get a better look.

Great Egret

To my surprise, it looked like it had snatched up a young soft-shelled turtle! It kept try to figure out how to swallow it whole. Before it could do that, though, it flew off to the other side of the lake. Hope it didn't choke!

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