Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mockingbird Chick

I was leaving work and off to volunteer for some Scout help when I decided to check on the local Hooded Mergansers across the street from the office. There were two females left. I started to take some shots when I heard a noise behind me.

I decided to investigate as it was quite a loud call back in the Lagustrum shrubs.

There, in the back side of the shrubs, was a small but very vocal chick. The first Mockingbird baby of the season.

Northern Mockingbird

I dug in with the lens so I wouldn't have to approach too closely. Mom and Dad were defending the far side of the parking lot so I worked quickly and left the chick in peace.

Spring has indeed sprung.

Upon leaving the Scout volunteering, I heard my first Chuck Will's Widow calling in the trees behind the Scout building after 9:30 PM.

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Mel said...

AMAZING picture!
I just found your blog, I think I'll visit more often :)