Saturday, May 23, 2015

One Red-shouldered Hawk Makes it 1,000

Wow. I just noticed that this is post Number 1,000 for Drew's Birds! A couple of nice photos for this landmark, too. It has actually been a pretty slow year, birding-wise, and who knows when the next opportunity might come along. So...

I was heading home from the store not expecting much along the way. There was little around the lakes and this stretch I take through a neighborhood is basically void of bird life even when we walk it for high school fund-raising. To my surprise, a Red-shouldered Hawk was perched on a lamp post at the end of a driveway smack in the center of the block.

I figured I had no chance of a photo since I was close and hawks tend to take off if you slow and back up to get at a good angle. But this bird was so intent on scanning for a meal it couldn't have cared less if I was there mere feet away.

Red-shouldered Hawk

The Red-shouldered Hawk swiveled its head left to right and back again several times hoping to catch anything in the open. Even small lizards are fair game for these birds but nothing seemed to be coming out into the open.

Red-shouldered Hawk

I got a few more shots in as the fading sunlight glided a few feathers and then I headed on my way. By the time I reached the end of the block it was still on patrol.

Red-shouldered Hawk

Those little surprises alway make a quiet drive so much more special. Now into June and the really quiet birding months.

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