Sunday, May 03, 2015

Baby Tutfted Titmouse

In yesterday's post I mentioned the juvenile Tutfted Titmouses have been here in the yard. As I headed out to the store again the Cardinals were off in the back behind the house so the Titmice had plenty of time to grab seed out front. There were several young Titmice but this was the one that decided to eat next to me.

Tutfted Titmouse

Young Tutfted Titmice always amuse me. They are like their parents but with a more smushed in face.

Tutfted Titmouse

They are also pretty inquisitive.

Tutfted Titmouse

Just like the Cardinals, the Titmice have 3 young ones this year. Add in the 4 Carolina Wrens and we have a pretty bustling area. I'll keep filling the feeder, kids!

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