Friday, May 15, 2015

Baby Eagle and Starlings

I read that the baby Bald Eagle fledged the other day but I didn't locate it anywhere then. Today it was back up in the nest chowing down on something (probably fish) while the parents sat nearby.

Bald Eagle

I was actually more interested in another baby in the area. A few birds flew in next to the car and I could tell they were European Starlings. I knew they nested around this area because I see them going in and out of nest holes but I can't recall ever seeing a fledgling before.

European Starling

Kind of like how you never see baby Rock Doves (pigeons), European Starling chicks seem to stay out of sight. This young one was busy following its Dad as he foraged all around the cemetery grasses.

European Starling

The whole neighborhood is teeming with baby birds this season!

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