Sunday, May 17, 2015

Greenwood Eagle Update

I finally got a couple of Bald Eagle shots. I was beginning to think I might not get any good shots as it always seems that I have been there at the wrong time. No birds at the nest, lousy weather, little sunlight, etc. Being a Saturday where I didn't have anything else pending for once, I finally can relax.

There is only one juvenile this season. It fledged a while ago but is now coming back to the nest for food and then to hang out on the branches.

Bald Eagle

Mom wasn't too happy that I was walking around. Probably since there have been a lot of folks trying for close-ups lately. I took the hint and headed to check the lakes for other birds.

Bald Eagle

I am glad I got those shots and glad our juvenile eagle is looking nice and healthy after a shaky beginning. It is also the end of our bird banding season so I can take a break for a couple of months.

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