Sunday, May 18, 2014

Visiting the Baby Barred Owls

Finally got a chance to go check on the baby Barred Owls that were born next to my backyard at their reported new location down the street at the Greenwood Wetlands. It did not take long for me to find them across the bridge in the Cypress trees.

Barred Owl

The first baby Barred Owl I found was looking at me for a couple of seconds but was much more interested in the Red-winged Blackbird flying back and forth across the creek.

Barred Owl

I began looking for the other owl when a Great Blue Heron tried to sneak around behind me to go to a new fishing spot.

Great Blue Heron

The other baby was a few tree to the West just relaxing.

Barred Owl

Now that I made another contact with my kids, I headed closer to the lake to see what else was around. A Common Gallinule glided out into the open but was not too sure what to make of my presence.

Common Gallinule

Off to my left, I could see a small flock of Wood Ducks hunkered down among the Cypress knees. How can you ever resist a shot of male Wood Ducks when you get a chance?

Wood Duck

Suddenly, an Anhinga bobbed up from the water during its search for breakfast.


I knew there was a family of Limpkin with chicks in the area but I never found the brood. Eventually, I did find one of the adults in the reeds near the willows.


Heading home, I was surprised to see a Raccoon scurrying around the stream below the owls. At least they are not around our house as much as they used to be.


I will have to go back again to try for the Limpkins when I can and there may be even more sights to see. Just need the time.

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