Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Baby Barred Owls Came Home!

We had to head out to a concert at the High School and once we got there I noticed we had forgotten something. I had to return back to the house. Dang. However, as I was getting back to the car, I heard a familiar noise by the side of the property. A small hiss I had not heard in a couple weeks. Could it be?

I quickly grabbed the camera and rushed around to the side of the house. It was true! My baby Barred Owls had returned to their nesting spot!!

Barred Owl

They were busy watching a Cardinal dart around the yard and stared at me. The smaller of the owls jumped over behind a tree trunk but the other continued to pose for a bit. I wish I had more time for more shots but I was expected back for the concert.

Barred Owl

I later heard from a neighbor that there was a lot of groundwork going on at the wetlands where the babies have been for the past couple of weeks. Probably annoyed enough that they returned to the quiet space where they were born. Fine by me. Glad to see them back no matter how short that visit might be.

They grow up so fast...

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