Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mute Swans Relocated

I got used to seeing the Mute Swans paddling around the lake but one day I could not see them lately. I began to worry. Then it hit me. Maybe they moved over to the next lake over. Hadn't be there in a while but as soon as I pulled around the corner...

Mute Swans

Yep. They moved the kids during the night a while ago. They seem happier in this quieter spot. Most of the birds were busy feeding all except this little one.

Mute Swans

Others were looking for morsels to snap up while I took photos.

Mute Swans

Soon, a young Wood Duck swam by to see if I was offering any handouts.

Wood Duck

Daddy Swan kept a close look, protecting his brood. At least I know where to look for them now.

Mute Swans

Next, I swung through the cemetery to check on the Bald Eagles. One of the chicks was testing its wings while Momma stood guard.

Bald Eagle

Down below, I finally got a shot of a bird on a headstone. I keep wanting to get one of the eagles down low but I will take a Fish Crow for now.

Fish Crow

So, the swans are safe and the young Bald Eagles are getting ready to leave the nest. All is right in the neighborhood today.

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