Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Orange-crowned Warbler

Another day of taking the van to the repair shop. At least I always know I can have a walk home and do some bird watching along the way. By the time I got to Lake Davis there were not too many birds close by except for a large flock of Rock Doves overhead. This nearly all white one was sitting all alone and drew may attention most and made for a sharp shot.

Rock Dove

Mallards and Coots fed near the shore while a female Anhinga dried her wings.


The early morning light was not the best for photos but I had to grab a shot of a pair of Blue-winged Teal headed towards the reeds.

Blue-winged Teal

A block from home I noticed some birds fluttering atop the Loquats on the corner. One had to be a Palm Warbler but the other perked me up enough to stop. An Orange-crowned Warbler.

Orange-crowned Warbler

The Orange-crowned Warbler was having little trouble finding food hiding in the seed heads high above me. Once the fruit sets later on, the Loquat fruit will be a magnet for Cedar Waxwings on their way back home and I have had success getting great shots of them in these trees though the years.

Orange-crowned Warbler

The bird flew a little closer before flying off as a Blue Jay swooped in calling. One thing I always point out to the volunteers at the banding site is the easiest way to quickly ID Orange-crowned Warblers (The males have an actual orange colored crown they flair while the females do not, by the way.) is by the dark line through the eye and especially the needle-liked bill.

Orange-crowned Warbler

Now, I wait by the phone for the news on the van problem but I got a few positive vibes for the morning.

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