Friday, December 27, 2013

Coyote and Local Birds

Time for a little cruise around the lake before we have to head out to the Florida west coast for the next round of Christmas. Not a lot out today but the first thing that caught my eye from a block away was a pair of Forster's Terns visiting Lake Davis. Just wish they would have come closer to shore.

Forster's Tern

Along the shore were numerous American Coots that are always here through the Winter and Spring.

American Coot

Western Palm Warblers were all over but they would not come out from the confines of the Cypress branches.

Western Palm Warbler,

On the way home I swung through the cemetery and refound the Coyote but no sign of the Bald Eagles. Where the heck are they this year? Definitely not conspicuous.


Now we make the trek to the coast in the morning and maybe get in some birding near the Gulf.

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