Friday, November 01, 2013

Young Mute Swan Update

Day after day I drive around Lake Davis and look out at the Mute Swans and mean to get a shot of the growing signet. I finally got out and walked the entire lake in search of a Ruddy Duck found a few days ago. No luck with that. Winds are up for the week and most ducks are confined to the lake edges, mostly Blue-winged Teal. Nice to see but not the Ruddy Duck I was after.

I did get a few minutes to get some shots of the swan who is growing so big and finally molting into its white feathers.

Mute Swan

One of the other local swans was seen being chased by the parents on the way to drop off the kids but they are still enjoying the lake and all of the feeding opportunities it provides, both from people and the natural lake weeds.

Now we wait for any fun ducks to arrive for the Winter.

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