Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Walking the Lakes

The kids were off for the holiday so I took the chance to wander Lake Davis since I didn't have to drive back and forth to schools. I also wanted to see if anything of interest was out there during this gloomy morning. Nothing new but there are now over 100 Ring-necked Ducks around during the day. I can count many more resting on the lake after dark.

Ring-necked Duck

I headed West and found a few Anhinga either in the trees or near the ground. For some reason I can never resist silhouette shots of these diving birds.


A little farther along I spotted a White Ibis. This bird has an injured wing an has been hanging around the lake for several years. One woman even wanted to capture it and take it to rehab but that failed but this bird seems to being doing fine, otherwise.

White Ibis

I rounded the western edge of Lake Davis, avoiding the construction crews, and ended up in a patch filled with warblers. The most numerous were Palm Warblers. This one seemed to be fascinated with finding bugs around the barricades.

Palm Warbler

There were also a few Yellow-rumped Warblers and I was looking forward to getting my first good shot of one this season but could only get backlit versions. At least it is a start and they will be around for many more months.

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Along the lake's edge there were several Eastern Phoebes. They are calling all around the area this year. and we have banded many at our bird banding site this Fall.

Eastern Phoebe

Near the Eastern Phoebe was another Palm Warbler on its own which took time preening on a Cypress Tree before beginning to feed again.

Palm Warbler

Who can refuse a shot of the Mute Swans while walking around? I see folks stopping to get out and take photos of them all the time. Mom and baby drifted out in front of me to rest a bit before going back to foraging.

Mute Swan

Later in the day, I headed out to do some shopping which always leads me to go around Lake Terrace to see if any ducks have returned. For some reason they are not hanging out much this year. What did surprise me as I neared the lake was a big flock of Vultures. Most of the ones on the ground were Turkey Vultures feeding on something that may have been bread.

Turkey Vulture

Soon, Black Vultures began circling in, too and I got a few shots of them in flight before they began to compete with the Turkey Vultures.

Black Vulture

Not a bad days work of photography but I would sure love some new ducks arriving before too long.

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