Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Red-shouldered Hawk and Bald Eagle Fledglings

I dropped the oldest off at school and headed to work by way of Lake Lancaster. I was scanning the water's edge for any new migrants when this Red-shouldered Hawk swooped down to try for breakfast. to my surprise, it didn't head back to the trees but, instead, stopped at the sign by the curb directly across from me.

Red-shouldered Hawk

On the way home, I decided to check on the Bald Eagle nest in Greenwood Cemetery. Finally, a day with out other humans. Plus, the eaglets were in view. One bird sat off to the side of the nest.

Bald Eagle

The other chick, looking more fierce, stood tall in the nest.

Bald Eagle

Across the way, one of the adults stands guard and waits for its mate to hurry back with a meal.

Bald Eagle

Nice to have a raptor day but still waiting for migrants to start heading North.

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