Thursday, February 07, 2013

Tree Swallow Bursts

I was just minding my business. Or rather, the company business. Suddenly, I get a flash out of the corner of my eye an see some erratic flights of Tree Swallows heading my way. I reached into the camera bag (always unlatched, just in case) and dive out the back door in hopes of getting some shots. Swallows are a tad difficult to get in focus but I set on a point and hoped.

Tree Swallow

There were only a small number of these tiny missiles but they did stay in the parking area for the most part. I ended up just focusing on a spot above a tree and clicked away. Glad to catch a bit of green.

Tree Swallow

I do like those streamlined shots but I also prefer to get some better body shots.

Tree Swallow

Long, trailing wings and a short tail are nice ID marks for Tree Swallows. They didn't stay too long.

Tree Swallow

Back to work.

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