Saturday, February 09, 2013

2013 Sparrow Drive, Pt. 2

Time for the second and final sparrow drive of the Winter out at Weekiwachee Preserve. This is the second location out at the old limestone quarry. The day was beautiful and there were increasing winds all morning, as usual.


There was a great turn out with over 50 volunteers including almost every registered bird bander in the state. The nets were set and the volunteers headed out for the first run of the day.

Sparrow Drivers

First bird of the morning was a LeConte's Sparrow.

LeConte's Sparrow

The volunteers worked hard but the sparrows were not around in large numbers this year. Probably partially due to the lower rainfall this season.

Sparrow Drivers

I was really proud to see my son participating throughout the morning.

Sparrow Drivers

Oddly, we captured several sparrows just while checking the nets in between runs. As I headed to the far end of the net array, I managed to flush a Grasshopper Sparrow and was able to out-flank it into the net.

Grasshopper Sparrow

A view from above shows off their lovely patterns on the back.

Grasshopper Sparrow

Not the Florida sub-species but we did get some recaptures which is good data.

Grasshopper Sparrow

Back at the car, Marianne bands the Grasshopper Sparrow.

Grasshopper Sparrow

The crowd gathers around for photos. Most volunteers come out to see different species of birds they have never seen before.

Sparrow Drivers

Marianne holds up a sparrow for the volunteers to get photos.


LeConte's Sparrow and Grasshopper Sparrow are held side by side for comparison. A nice view to end the morning.

LeConte's Sparrow and Grasshopper Sparrow

Another great day out in the field. Literally. Can't wait until next year's attempt.

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