Sunday, February 24, 2013

Barred Owl Out Back

Time to start watching the backyard.

The Barred Owls returned to the nesting spot that they used last year a while ago but I have been so busy, I haven't been out to check on them in a while. They call just before dawn and sometimes at night, sounding rather amorous. I got home from banding and suddenly heard the owl call out back and then the Blue Jay got all fired up. Time to grab the camera and bolt outside.

There she was, perched right over the backyard with a dozen bird scolding away. Not like she should be a stranger to the locals.

Barred Owl

She managed to give me a glance for a couple of seconds before continuing to ignore the rabble.

Barred Owl

I will try to monitor the nest more often now. We are approaching the time when I first spotted the chicks last year and can't wait to hear those hisses from the fledglings.

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