Sunday, March 04, 2012

Spin Around the Neighborhood

A beautiful March day. Time to scan the neighborhood lakes to see what is around. First stop, Lake Lancaster where I find a Limpkin wandering around the rapidly drying lake in search of food.


On the South side, a few Fish Crows rested on the wires next to the lake.

Fish Crow

I took a breath and turned to head back to the van and noticed a clump of white in the grass. Closer inspection revealed a Wood Stork resting by the water.

Wood Stork

Suddenly soaring into view, a Turkey Vulture passed over head riding the nice breeze.

Turkey Vulture

A few turns later brought me to Lake Weldona. This little hidden lake hosts some interesting birds from time to time but none so surprising to me today as one of the adult Bald Eagles resting and bathing in the water. Guess it wanted a break from the group of photographers that have been stationed under their nest for the past few weeks. I hardly even drive by anymore. Too depressing. Excellent to spend some quiet time, just the two of us.

Bald Eagle

Until he turned into a zombie! I escaped without harm quickly!!

Bald Eagle

Now, I was thinking about the eagle nest at the cemetery so I drove through looking for my other favorite sight. Luckily, the Coyote was there in the shadows again.


On the way out of the grounds, the Northern Mockingbirds are nesting and being very visible at eye level.

Northern Mockingbird

Finally, a quick drive around Lake Terrace. Would the Green-winged Teals still be there this late. Yep. First sighting found it with a Ring-necked Duck.

Green-winged Teal

A bit later it appears to be with the female. Such a gorgeous duck.

Green-winged Teal

Chores are calling but not a bad set of shots for 30 minutes of cruising.

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