Friday, May 09, 2008

Spotted Sandpiper Returns

As I was dropping the boys of at school, I noticed a small bird on the shore of Lake Davis. Could it be that some shore birds were returning as they did last year when the lake was basically a mudflat? I would have to swing back by to be sure.

I came back via the southern route and noticed the small shape again. I hopped out and grabbed a passable ID shot.

Spotted Sandpiper

A Spotted Sandpiper had, indeed, returned!

I tried to get a bit closer but it was very skittish and flew off a ways. I took a few more shots for verification and kept my distance as it fed along the shoreline.

Spotted Sandpiper

Later, it had left this lake and I found it again the next day at Lake Lancaster, as few blocks to the south. It remained there for a couple of days, never allowing any close approach.

Nonetheless, it is nice to have a bird like this so far inland.

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