Sunday, May 25, 2008

Grey Kingbirds at Honeymoon Island

How could I not stop by Honeymoon Island once I was so close to it after banding Purple Martins? We were only a few miles away. Glad we dropped by as we found many Grey Kingbirds all along the Osprey Trail in only a brief time. It was getting hot and I was hoping to find some other birds but the amount and close proximity of the Kingbirds was a real treat.

We did see many Ospreys at their nests but the Kingbirds caught my attention just after we entered the trail. Others were seen and heard as they called and chased one another throughout the abbreviated walk. Once we got near the parking lot again, the show really began.

I have only seen Grey Kingbirds up on power lines in the past. Today, they were feeding in the lower branches and made several stops just feet away in many different spots surrounding the restrooms and parking area. Who can resist eye-level views of this beautiful bird?

Grey Kingbird

Some birds seemed rather oblivious to our close approach. Feeding was on the agenda!

Grey Kingbird

It was very exciting to see them from any other view besides just staring at bellies.

Grey Kingbird

Even when they were a bit higher up, they made perfect photo opportunities.

Grey Kingbird

A great end to a quick birding check. Maybe we can stop back in for other birds next Fall or Winter. The beaches should be more full of other species by then.

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