Sunday, May 04, 2008

Purple Martins

Hot off of the Animal Kingdom chaperone trip I got to take the oldest to a birthday party two days later. Again, birds weren't at the top of the list but I do always have the camera ready.

I was actually surprised to find a Purple Martin house set up next to the rental boat area. Don't know why. Just didn't equate it with a private resort-like park.

So, once the main activities were concluded, I managed to do a little bird watching and photography tests. Martins are so fast. Except when they finish feeding the chicks and rest for a second on the edge of their apartment like this one.

Purple Martin

Every now and then you can catch them landing at the edges.

Purple Martin

Even more challenging is to try and keep up with their sweeping flights directly overhead. This shot is actually cropped from a larger shot encompassing mostly sky. An effect I rather like.

Purple Martin

If only I had a Martin apartment to care for. Their chattering and flight displays are pretty magical. Just have to visit them in different spots for now.

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