Saturday, January 27, 2007

Twilight Swans

I had posted about the new swan released at Lake Davis last year. Soon after that, I didn't see it on the lake any longer and began to worry that the owners earlier fears had come through. Maybe a dog had gotten this young swan.

Time passed and I eventually saw one and then two swans at the lake. Then they, too, would be gone only to return later on. These new birds must have fully functioning wings instead being clipped. It would be an advantage over attacking mongrels.

Soon, I got used to seeing them come and go and didn't pay a lot of attention if they were gone. One evening, I had to take some film up to be processed and decided to swing by the lake on the way out. It was getting nearly dark and I thought I saw a new gull on the water so I pulled over to have a look.

On the other side of the lake the pair of swans had grown to a small flock of SIX!


The next morning, the oldest boy calls out, "Seven!". Indeed there was.

As of today, they continue to move from lake to lake in the area. I know they go across the park to Lake Cherokee which is virtually dog free but other than that I do not know.

The thrill of one morning was heading out to work and there were 4 of them flying over the tree tops, over me, and over the freeway straight for Lake Davis.

A perfect way to start the morning.

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