Monday, January 01, 2007

Quick Swing Down Lust Road

I left Vermi back at the lake and decided to swing by Lust Road to see if anything was out. It was pretty quiet.

I was trying to relocate the Vesper Sparrows for a better shot than before. I did hear some bird calls and slowed near the gate. Movement was backlit near the fence so I walked out to investigate. Just on the other side of the fence were a few adult White-crowned Sparrows.

I was attempting to get a good shot of them but they retreated to the bushes. I figured I might get some to reappear by pishing. Almost immediately, a juvenile White-crowned popped up right in front of me.

White-crowned Sparrow

There were some Vesper Sparrows farther down the fence but they quickly dove behind the it and into some tall weeds not to be seen again that day. Might have to try again next Winter.

There were a few Kestrels having just as hard a time finding sparrows as I was.

American Kestrel

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