Saturday, January 27, 2007

Quick Trip To Viera

Richard and Christine were giving banding demonstrations over on the coast for the Space Coast Birding Festival and today they were setting up at the Enchanted Forest. I wanted to join them and even managed to talk the boys into coming along for some outdoor fun.

On the way, we swung by Viera Wetlands to see what we could see. The Masked Ducks had moved on. There didn't seen to be a lot of special stuff there but some had seen a Cinnamon Teal and I hoped to add that one to the list. No luck on that, either.

Many other ducks were there, however, including Blue-winged Teals and Green-winged Teals.

An early swing around the Click ponds included a couple of foraging Bonaparte's Gulls which is always nice to see.

Bonaparte's Gull

Taking our time rounding all of the cells at the wetlands, we found hundreds of Coots and Teal. I could barely make out the Green-winged Teals as they were sticking to the reeds. Suddenly, a Northern Harrier circled in and flushed everything out of one corner and into the open. At least I could see the Teal a little better now even though they were still pretty far away.

Green-winged Teal

My favorite shot of the trip was this drake Northern Shoveler gettin' all Kung-fu on us.

Northern Shoveler

Always something interesting out at Viera.

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jt said...

Great shot of the kung fu artist!