Monday, April 27, 2015

Out for a Concert

The family headed out to the East a bit to watch our oldest play in the final concert of the season. As we approached the school I noticed a very large congregation of Black Vultures interested in something across the way. We are talkin' over 50 vultures and more were flying in. My camera trigger finger twitched but I didn't have much time to wander off as I am wont to do.

I tried to divert my attention back toward the school and noticed another bird flying behind the high school and then emerged off to the left. A Bald Eagle was soaring by high over head, reflecting light from the setting Sun.

Bald Eagle

Then I noticed another bird on a light pole right next to us in the parking lot. One of the incoming Black Vultures was checking out the feast across the street before joining in. At least I got one vulture shot.

Black Vulture

The auditorium doors were just opening when I spotted yet another bird flying to the top of another light pole. Hmmm... I couldn't figure out the ID right away but it was a small bird whose shape seemed foreign to me. Moments later it dropped to the ground to grab something and I caught a flash of blue.

While the rest of the family headed toward the door, I drifted to my right for a closer look. Then, the male Eastern Bluebird hopped to the chain linked fence with its prize. I don't get to see a lot of Bluebirds but with this being father out in the developing east side there are still some around here. I had to go in for the concert but I spotted a female bird just down the fence line before I went in.

Eastern Bluebird

As the band filed in I could get a glimpse of Patrick, our oldest, sharing a joke with fellow bandmates before they dove into the first tune.


Patrick had won the solo for the first song. So proud. Not so proud that I messed up my camera settings but we got to enjoy a bunch of well played songs. This was a mixed batch of college kids and they played awesomely! He can't wait to get back to playing for the marching band next Fall.


I am very busy with work lately so I have no idea when I am going to get more birding in but times like this show that you can find birds anywhere you go. If you take only a couple of minutes to look around you.

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