Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter in Winter Park

I wrapped up our Sunday bird banding and got prepared for celebrating Easter with the at the in-laws. I got ready and ushered our youngest into the car and headed toward Winter Park. I left a little early because I had a mind to make a stop along the way.

When we reached out destination I was surprised to see a number of Mourning Doves feeding on grass seeds next to the road.

Mourning Dove

More surprising was another bird that dropped in next. A bright red House Finch!

House Finch

A nice find but I was here to see the birds a little higher off the ground. I have not had time to visit the Purple Martins this year and now was the perfect time. Not sure if it was the best time for them. Seems like some argument was taking place.

Purple Martin

I stepped out of the car to try for some closer shots and, of course, the only rain cloud around opened up. I was glad to see several apartments being occupied. Last year I only recall one pair.

Purple Martin

The Purple Martin let me get even closer for a nice pose. What a handsome bird.

Purple Martin

Then over to the family to spend some Easter time and get ready for lamb. I have to take a walk out toward the lake to see what I can find. The lawn next to the lake was accented with various flowers popping through. I have always had a thing for pink Oxalis.


Over to the right, a single bright yellow Cow-pea poked through the turf.


I recall Frog Fruit (Carpet weed) from my youth and used to watch the bees flit from flower to flower.

Frog Fruit

Water Hyssop is found near water sources throughout the area but is so small it is sometimes overlooked.


Up on the dock having a drying stint, a male Anhinga kept a close watch on me.


On the opposite side of the dock a stalk of Duck Potato waved in the breeze.

Duck Potato

Dragonflies chased one another and occasionally grabbed onto more swaying blades of vegetation in the water.


Once the Anhiga flew off I headed out onto the dock to get a couple of more photos. Spatter Dock sends up closed yellow blossoms above the lake surface.

Spatter Dock

I am also fond of Water Lily blossoms. I have to get a shot of one every time I spy them in the distance.

Water Lily

We always hear of Dollar Weed and how hard folks try to get rid of it from lawns but they have very interesting flowers. It is called Pennywort, too.


You often find Pickerel Weed in roadside ditches of in swampy wetlands but they also turn up on the shores of lakes.

Pickerel Weed

Finally, I left the lake to head back inside. I was wondering where more birds were but there was a group of skiers out on the water so they probably chased most of them away. At least a Pied-billed Grebe popped up for one last shot.

Pied-billed Grebe

A nice Easter day, including that excellent lamb dinner.

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