Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mead Garden Wood Duck

I needed to get out at least one day the the Great Backyard Bird Count so I headed over to Mead Botanical Garden and counted what I could. I was really pretty quiet. So much so that I only took a few pictures and most of them were of this drake Wood Duck that flew into the pond as I was walking toward it. There were a few other Wood Ducks along the creek but I guess he just wanted some alone time.

Wood Duck

That was just fine by me. I love Wood Ducks. Typically they are very skittish and swim away even if you are just driving close in a car. This guy just took his time drifting toward and across from me as I took photo after photo.

Wood Duck

Maybe I was taking too many photos because I got the "Really?" stare as he drew up along the weeds. Yes, really, Mr. Wood Duck. One of those things I do.

Wood Duck

I think he would stayed there for some even closer shots but out of the back of the pond a flock Mallards began to swim towards him and he decided to not mess with them so he bid me adieu.

Wood Duck

Little minutes like that make up for the lack of other birds. Any day.


warriormom said...

Absolutely beautiful! We are still under snow pack so no open water yet. April is coming!

J. Andrew Boyle said...

And there I was complaining about a cloudy morning...

Warmth will return!