Saturday, April 19, 2014

New Red-headed Woodpecker!

Made another check on the Bald Eagle nest but still can't get any views of the chicks yet. Just Momma sitting there as tiny heads moved back and forth.

Bald Eagle

Trying for a new angle, I drove to the other side of the tree when a flash of black and white flew past me. I have seen that flight pattern and coloration before but never here. I pulled closer and the bird flew to a farther pine tree but my guess was now confirmed. It was a Red-headed Woodpecker!

Red-headed Woodpecker

Red-headed Woodpeckers do breed out at Wekiwa Springs and we started seeing them at Mead Garden and now here. Seem to be spreading South.

Red-headed Woodpecker

Which is fine by me! Red-headed Woodpeckers fun birds to watch.

Red-headed Woodpecker

Lurking below was a Yellow-shafted Flicker, another woodpecker that has been breeding here for years.

Northern (Yellow-shafted) Flicker

I hope this isn't the last time I see our new bird species in the cemetery.

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