Thursday, April 24, 2014

My First Good Look at New Baby Bald Eagle

As you may know, I swing through the cemetery nearly every day to at least take a peek at the Bald Eagle nest to see what is happening. This year they were so late in hatching young we thought is wasn't going to happen at all. How late? Here is Momma trying to stay cool as the days warm when, in the past, they would have headed back North by now after getting kids out of the nest. This year, they hatched young later and have to deal with the rising heat.

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagles and many other birds take this pose to regulate their body temperatures when things get hotter.

Bald Eagle

All of my stops finally paid off today as I got my first good look at one of the chicks down in the nest and popping its head above the nest. Still not convinced that there are two but I will keep checking.

Bald Eagle

Glad they finally had a successful year once again. I have been watching this pair for so many years and it is always amazing to see and hear them as they breed here in Central Florida.

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