Sunday, September 02, 2007

Thrushes Return

I know I mentioned that migration was upon us but, to me, it really gets going once the Thrushes start arriving.
Today at Wekiva we got our first Veery.

Northern Parula

They arrive first and then come the Swainson's, Grey-cheeked, and Wood Thrushes. A welcome sight.

Also, we had a few more migrating Warblers. Leading the charge was a gorgeous female American Redstart.

American Redstart

Next up was a Northern Waterthrush. Not a Thrush at all, despite the name.

Northern Waterthrush

Finally, we are still seeing a large number of Prairie Warblers. Prairies are one of the earliest migrants to kick off the season.

Prairie Warbler

Things begin to heat up now. Weather thinks about cooling down, too. We hope. Very humid mornings still in the scrub.

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