Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Yellow Warbler Photo

I have seen a number of Yellow Warblers over the years but it always seems that I either don't have the camera with me or the birds are so high in the trees that it renders the camera useless.

I started the morning by swinging past the local lakes to see if the Ring-necked Ducks had decided to show up a little early. There were a couple of shapes out on Lake Cherokee so I slowed and began to scan the water's surface. Turned out to be a couple of non-breeding male Wood Ducks.

However, something else caught my eye. A bright flash of yellow.

Adjusting my eyes closer to the cypress trees in front of me I could tell there was a swarm of warblers bouncing from limb to limb, mostly on the interior section of the bright green foliage. Other colors began to to emerge as I got out of the car, camera in hand.

Turned out there were a few different species in there. Usually they stayed on the lake side of the trees but every now and then one would chase a bug on my side of the tree.

There was a lot of Yellow Warblers in there. Finally, they were almost all at eye level! Easy photo op, right? Nope. Seems Yellow Warbler prefer to keep their heads behind any branch they can place between you and them. Dang.

I was giving up an heading to the car and hear a call note in an oak. I stepped over and found a lone Yellow Warbler. It was pretty high up but at least it decided to preen. Meaning it was almost still. See it?

Yellow warbler

It isn't much but I find that after I get a shot of a bird, no matter how bad, I soon will follow it up with better and better shots down the line.

So this is step one. I'll take it.

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