Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Backyard Banding

I have been given the task of taking the reigns of the Wekiva banding site for a couple of weeks while Richard and Cristine are on a well deserved vacation in Alaska. If only I could be there...

So, with nets in possession, I have decided to gather some of my backyard birds and band as many as possible. Too bad the swarm of Blue Jays have waned. However, we do still have several generations of Northern Cardinals this year so I thought I might try to see how many I could band before the real migration heats up at Wekiva.

Here is our first downtown Orlando banded Cardinal.

Northern Cardinal

Caught this one on the side of the house while trying to see how I could set the nets around the yards. Recording info on the back of the car proved to be interesting but everything else went smoothly.

Now I am off to gather up as many others as possible. We have a bumper crop of Cardinals this year.

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