Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bathing Parula

The heat continues and the bird levels are still low. Out at Wekiva we managed to only capture 3 birds! My theory is that the weather was perfect for flying and most birds flew on south and didn't need to stop for a while.

We could hear them all over and see many flying by. Just nothing flying into the nets.

Yesterday, we had the monthly count at Mead Garden and found a similar situation. The woodpeckers were everywhere but the numbers of other birds were pretty low. New migrants were a couple of American Redstarts.

The most fun part of the morning was a Northern Parula that decided to stop and have a bath on the remaining dew on the leaves next to the boardwalk.

Northern Parula

A few Red-eyed Vireos rounded out the migrant list but I can't wait until the season is back in full swing.

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