Saturday, July 01, 2006

Black Oystercatcher

Having just found the unexpected Eurasian Wigeon after I left the Dungeness area I decided to look for any other birding spots in the guide that I could swing by on the way back to base.

There was a small park that only contained a Goldeneye and young Bald Eagle. There was another area listed as good but might take hours to go through so I had to pass. Then there was a marina on the list: The John Wayne Marina.

Yep. John Wayne. The land was donated by the family and the marina was built in the 80s. The Duke apparently loved the area. The more I look at how much more I could have seen in this area if I had time I can see why. Beautiful spot.

Wasn't sure what to find here that I hadn't seen but it was a nice place to check just in case. Glad I did. I still had yet to get a Black Oystercatcher on this trip and was sure I would have had one way before now.

There were some Barrow's Goldeneyes and a Bufflehead or two. Had a great view of a Pelagic Cormorant as I stared out across Sequim Bay. The water was flowing out very fast as the tide turned.

Then there was a sound coming from out on the rocks of the breakwater. A high-pitched piping of two birds landing next to one another. A quick check through the bins revealed that it was, indeed, a pair of Black Oystercatchers. No chance for any good shot from there, though.

I shrugged. At least I had found them. I began to head back toward the parking lot when I heard the piping again and turned in time to see the birds soar over to the rocks that I had just been standing on! A slow steady pace back to the spot found them about 20 feet below the top of the rocks but gave great views.


Once again, that finding something once you give up worked for me a lot on this trip. Next time I hope to explore this area and some surrounding islands and marshes much more.

Still have to get that Snowy Owl, after all.

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