Saturday, January 23, 2016

When Swans Attack!

A woman up the road at Lake Concord have been raising Mute Swans for years. Once she has too many or can't handle them se releases them into the wild. A lot of birders don't like that since they are non-natives but I don't think there is too much they can do about it at this point. The dang things have pretty much established themselves in the nearby neighborhoods.

Right now it seems like it must be breeding time. The pair in Lake Cherokee are getting all fluffy .

Mute Swan

I counted as many as 6 in the area today so when a stranger drops in our Lake Davis pair kick them out.

Mute Swan

Once the rival has been ejected it takes awhile to come back in for a landing.

Mute Swan

The city introduced Chinese Geese to many parks years ago and they live side by side with the swans but this male wanted nothing to do with the goose. The goose knows it and is swimming as fast as possible in the other direction. Check out the wake!

Mute Swan, Chinese Goose

The goose was not going fast enough, though. The swan flew over and appeared to be trying to drown the thing. It eventually escaped.

Mute Swan

Some other ducks moved around the argument and headed toward shore. I noticed then that one was a Northern Shoveler. Haven't been too many around this Winter.

Northern Shoveler

So, a little excitement in the neighborhood. Now I wait and see if we get any signets this year. Two years ago they had their first. Last year there were 7.

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