Sunday, March 15, 2015

Search for Ducks

I took a little drive around the lakes today to see what I could find. Most of the Winter ducks have headed back North so I wasn't expecting too much but I was surprised to find a few remaining ducks in the neighborhood. The first was a Ring-necked Duck all alone on the back side of Lake Lancaster.

Ring-necked Duck

Over on Lake Emerald, a couple of resident Wood Ducks were relaxing near the storm drain. The female was down in the weeds, nibbling away.

Wood Duck

The male Wood Duck was standing guard above.

Wood Duck

This is Tabebuia time. The showy trees are in full bloom. The brilliant flowers only last a few days before dropping to carpet the ground below.


Out on Lake Terrace, a small flock of Lesser Scaup still lingered near the fountain.

Lesser Scaup

Still checking for any signs of Bald Eagle chicks at the cemetery but I only found one adult high in a pine.

Bald Eagle

This is probably the last time I will see any migrant ducks for the season. Have to wait for their return in the Fall.

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