Thursday, October 23, 2014

Partial Solar Eclipse

A partial solar eclipse was set for this evening. In our region it would only be visible for a brief time before sunset. I headed to the nearest tallest spot which is the Target parking garage that offers an open view to the West.

I got there and was soon joined by a few other people. There is only one real reason to be up on the top of the garage and it is sky watching. One of the folks had a homemade telescope with a filter so we all took turns looking at the event before I took a turn to see what I could capture. Remember kids, do not look directly at the Sun without a good filter. Especially with a zoom lens.

I have no solar filter. Instead, I decided to use my sunglasses to cover the lens and take some shots. Even the photo kinda hurts your eyes! The partial eclipse is on the right side of the Sun.

Solar Eclipse

Someday I will have a real solar filter. Until then I flirt with blindness.

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