Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Atlas V Launch

It has been a while since I could see a rocket launch from OTown but today an Atlas V was scheduled to lift off at midday. Had to figure out which way to look since it would be from the old Air Force base instead of the shuttle pads but the launch went up as planned and I had some clear air to watch from. Well, after it cleared the inland low clouds.

Atlas V

Atlas V rockets are huge so you can't miss them once you figure out the starting point. I watched it rise and then decided to get a shot with an airplane in the field of view. Orlando International Airport in just down the road a bit so it makes for a nice comparison. That rocket is 50 miles away at launch and even father this high as it heads into space.

Atlas V

I took these at my new workplace in Winter Park, FL so now I know which direction to watch for that flame. There will be some exciting new launches in the next few months and I can't wait to try and photograph them all!

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