Monday, January 20, 2014

Mini-Feeding Flock of American Robins

Everyone had the day off for the holiday so I slept in a bit and relaxed. I did do my later lake check and made the way over to the cemetery and found a growing number of American Robins flying about. Still no looks of the Bald Eagles or the Coyote today.

American Robin

The problem today was that I picked the wrong time for good light. I could never get any good positions to equal my best shots from last year at this time. Still, it is always fun to watch the American Robins scarfing down Camphor berries.

American Robin

Camphors are considered invasive and many folks would rather have them all removed but there are many birds that use this food source during the Winter in Florida. Robins love them.

American Robin

I tried to get some other angles with the light but it was not to be found. What I did find was a Blue-headed Vireo flitting around the other nearby trees but it was mostly in the shade.

Blue-headed Vireo

I had to complete the evening grocery trip and checked out Lake Davis on the way. Not many birds to stop for but how can I resist the Sundog shimmering in the evening sky?


This is the first feeding flock of Robins I have seen up close so far this year but they have been streaming through in large flocks all over town. Shouldn't be long before I can find a larger feeding flock and then, hopefully, I can get some Cedar Waxwings next month.

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