Thursday, October 03, 2013

Juvenile Bald Eagle at Lake Lancaster

As usual, I drove around the lakes after delivering my youngest to school. Not much warbler activity of late. I almost ignored a hawk flying from my right toward the opposite shore of the lake but I decided to track it and was glad I did. I thought it was headed for the ducks along the shore. Instead, it led me to a juvenile Bald Eagle sitting near the water. I was quickly cursing myself for leaving the camera in the van.

By the time I got back to the van and drove up to the spot I knew I was losing time. By the time I stepped out of the van and tried to focus, the eagle began to take flight.

Bald Eagle

In the past, juvenile Bald Eagles have returned to their nest site in following years. The adults then chase them off but they keep hanging out sometimes. This bird was flying directly toward the nest that is about a mile away.

Bald Eagle

A fun sighting during an otherwise quiet morning.

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