Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cloudy with a Chance of Bird Sightings

Figures. My one day to head out to Mead Botanical Gardens this week and it turns out to be the one cloudy day. Bird numbers were down and lighting was horrible. Oh, well. I couldn't even find the Barred Owl at its usual perch so I could only settle for a photo of a Blue Dasher Dragonfly out at that spot. Thanks to friend Paul Hueber for the confirming ID.

Blue Dasher

Down by the cement bridge I could only stand and chat with a Tricolored Heron for a couple of minutes.

Tricolored Heron

At times, the area behind the clubhouse along the creek is productive for many warblers. It was quiet there, too, until a Western Palm Warbler dropped out of the trees. Means Winter is closing in. Palm and Yellow-rumped Warblers are typically the last species of warblers to reach Florida and stay until Spring.

Western Palm Warbler

Nearby, the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are busy at the butterfly garden near the pond and back in the main butterfly garden.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

I was on the way out and went past the new amphitheater when I saw a couple of warblers racing from tree to tree. Again, bad light was the norm today and I had to really process this shot to confirm it was a Pine Warbler that I was trying to keep up with all along.

Pine Warbler

I probably won't have a ton of birding time for a bit as I need to buckle down on job transitions but I will still get to be out on Sunday for banding at Lake Lotus.

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