Thursday, December 27, 2007

Say's Phoebe

Actually took all of these shots on the 21st but forgot to get to them. Busy, busy holiday season.

We are lucky enough to have a rare visitor to the nearby area. A Say's Phoebe has taken a wrong turn and ended up on the northern edge of Lake Apopka. Grabbed the boys and made them trek out with me in the misting rain and approaching dark to make sure we found it before it disappeared again.

Followed the directions and didn't see it on a quick glance. Continued on down the road to look for Scrub Jays. Finding none, I slowed my return to the reported spot and stopped and scanned a field. Another car pulled up on the opposite side of the road and out stepped Dave Simpson.

We chatted how this must be the place and as we looked out into the field again he said, "There it is!" He brought out his scope and we got great looks at the bird.

Say's Phoebe

Dave was just there to tick the bird and headed off, satisfied. I stayed on and tried to get some shots while the boys played in and around the van. A couple of other folks looking for the bird stopped by and were thrilled I had it in my sight and hugged in joy having made the spotting.

Say's Phoebe

I am not too thrilled with the shots I got. They are identifiable but not great. I will try again when I am not hampered by very low light.

We headed home by way of the Kingbird roost and I was amazed by how close the birds were to the main road. Construction is ongoing on the back side of the roost as they are planning on making an extension straight through the main roost site.

Where will all of these birds we enjoy settle in the years to come?

The Kingbird roost is an amazing spot. This time of year, thousands of birds, including Western Kingbirds, Robins, and our Fork-tailed Flycatcher from last year, rest for the night in the now disappearing orange groves. Sad to imaging they will all be gone in the future.

Scissor-tailed Flycatchers also hang out here in Winter and tonight they were literally right over the main road passing by the roost.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

I am still trying to figure out the mystery of the flash for this new camera but I did manage a couple of shots without flash before we left. It was almost totally dark so I am a little pleased by these shots.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Will try to spend some time back here before the spot is gone for good.

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