Sunday, February 03, 2008

Say's Phoebe Revisited

Had a scant few minutes in an otherwise busy day leading up to Super Bowl time so I ran over for another try at the Say's Phoebe. I really wanted to get it on this year's checklist and after missing it a month ago figured, "Why not?".

A few other birders were new arrived before me and were starting to scan the field where it usually hangs out. No luck there. They scanned the field to the east and, sure enough, it was hanging out in the midday sun collecting insects and preening.

Say's Phoebe

The sounds of nearby Red-shouldered Hawks failed to send it flying for cover. It spent most of it's time cleaning feathers and watching as a Northern Mocking bird fed at closer range.

Say's Phoebe

I stayed as long as I could but not coax it to get into a closer position for a real good shot. Not to be without a major lens or teleconverters. Oh, well.

On the way back to the turnpike, I swung past the rapidly disappearing Kingbird roost area. I was surprised by a Bald Eagle sitting in a dead tree near the road and screeched to a halt. After noticing that my camera setting were way off, I corrected that and once I looked up the bird was prepared to take flight.

Luckily, it did so in my direction.

Bald Eagle

Not bad for a few extra minutes on the way home!

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