Monday, October 23, 2006

Migration Winding Down

A few new birds on the move but most have moved through already. Where are all the Black-throated Blue Warblers this year? We caught one more but the past couple of years we had dozens in a day.

Birds joining us this week were the first arrival of a Wood Thrush. Such a stunning difference in color from their more numerous cousins.

Wood Thrush

Speaking of other Thrushes, the last of the Swainson's are trickling through.

Swainson's Thrush

While Bachman's Sparrows prowl the higher grasses in other parts of the park, we only get a few sparrows flying by the net area. We did manage to snag a couple of Swamp Sparrows which were moving according to schedule.

Swamp Sparrow

The only other special bird for the morning, besides our usual suspects, was a female Indigo Bunting. We actually got a few in the same net as they fed in a small flock. Note the blues on the wing edges. Males become solid Indigo.

Indigo Bunting

May have a few more interesting birds next week but most have gone on to their Wintering grounds.

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