Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Swan Pair

Where the heck did August go!?! I just never got out to bird in the area more than my normal passes around the lakes. Most of August has been full of rain and high lake levels. Nice to see but there were not a lot of birding opportunities during my rounds. I have also been spending time getting the banding area in order and beginning the new Session of banding to capture and band the first migrants of the season. You can always track those discoveries at my other site for the Lake Lotus Banding Station.

I did finally find a couple of birds that caught my attention on the way home today. A pair of Mute Swans. My first thought was that maybe this was the adult pair that had babies and were residing nearby. Maybe they kicked the kids to the curb and found this spot to hide out.

Mute Swans

I took more time to check the other lakes and did find the original family intact. So this is a new pair in the neighborhood.

Mute Swans

Add to that, I found yet another pair(!) at Lake Davis which brings our total to 11 Mute Swans between 3 local lakes. Now I need to find some other birds as the arriving birds increase.

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