Friday, November 02, 2007

Ring-necked Ducks Return

The waiting is over for the return of the "Winter ducks".

I delivered the boys to school and headed back home and noticed more activity on Lake Davis. Once I found a place to pull over I focused in on a likely group of ducks. Sure enough, 1 male and 3 female Ring-necked Ducks were cruising the wind-swept water.

Noel, now officially a hurricane, finally pulled away from the Florida coast and opened up the skies for better flight. Strong winds still presist but that should settle down soon and we will be bathed in cool temperatures. Maybe if Noel was not here the ducks would have made it here the same time as last year: October 31st.

Over the years they have been getting here at least in the first week of Novemeber. Basically right on time.

Now I can relax. For some reason I always get a bit stressed awaiting the arrival of the Winter ducks. I even confused the arrival date with the start of school this year as I always tell the boys to check the lake as we drive past to see when we can first spot the Ring-necked Ducks.

Can't wait to band next Sunday!

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