Friday, May 19, 2006

Meanwhile, Back in Washington...Creepers

Despite the urge to post the most recent photos, such as the baby birds showing up all over, I need to finish the Washington State birds. So many birds, so little...ya know.


The first morning in Port Orchard yielded a number of birds that were new to me right off the bat. In my hunt for the new "alarm clock" I eventually headed around to the back of the house which contains a lot of 150 ft. trees of various species.

I almost found the Wren I was hunting down when another bird flew across an early morning sunbeam through the branches and landed on a trunk in the shadows ahead of me. I slowly made my way toward the landing spot and finally could make out the shape and movement of a Brown Creeper.

Even though it was the first Creeper I had ever seen, I knew what it was immediately. It matched the descriptions and behaviors I had read in the past and here it was, 30 feet in front of me at eye level. Still too dark for a good photo but a great find.

As the week wore on it kept "creeping" up on me that I wouldn't have a photo of such an interesting bird. There were plenty other birds around but it would be nice to have one for the blog, eh? Well, about a week later, as we were walking down the trail at Nisqually in the light rain, we discovered not one, but two more!

This first shot is actually the 2nd I got. I like the way it shows the curve of the bill since these birds hug so tight to the tree and it was hard to get an angle that showed a profile.

Brown Creeper

The second shot, being the first, was a Creeper that was in a feeding flock of Chickadees, Golden-crowned Sparrows, and Song Sparrows. You can tell from this shot how easily they blend in to the bark of the local trees.

Brown Creeper

Another happy ending to one of the birds I had given up on finding. Twice.

Just like a lot of things in life, once you stop trying so hard things just seem to happen. Still we keep doing it, again and again.

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